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American National Insurance


4055 Spencer Suite 216 Las Vegas NV 89119






Gena Lombino is an agent for American National, a company that has a history selling insurance since 1905. Our manufactured home, mobile home, and conventional home policies offer comprehensive coverages. In some cases, air conditioning total breakdown, water heaters, and water line breakage all the way to the street are covered. There's more we cover than regular policies don't!
CASH BACK PROGRAM We offer a special discount to loyal insureds. If you have no claims and have car and home insurance with us for three years, in the third year we return 25% of the premium on the yearly home and on car insurance back to the insured - and continue that Cash Back discount for the life of the policy barring any claims! As with other companies, we have a heavy presence in the farm community, and offer equine insurance and estate insurance on larger homes as well as mid-range and manufactured homes. Please keep us in mind and we will give you a SAME day quote in most instances!

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