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What Notice Required to be Given to Tenants?

There are a multitude of situations where a park management representative must send inform a tenant of the park. This is achieved by two major methods: posting signage around the park and serving notices.

Please click below for a Cheat-Sheet outlining when those Notices must be served, and a checklist of the Signage that must be posted around the Park!

Legal Representation for Park Owners

Pintar-Albiston and Becky Pintar specifically is an attorney in the State of Nevada, focusing on both property and family law. She has a background in education and is one of our continuing education instructors.

Phone: (702) 685-5255


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Nevada Lot Rent Subsidy Program

Run by the Nevada Manufactured Housing Division, the Lot Rent Subsidy Program is intended to assist tenants in good standing whose rent was increased at a rate above what they can afford. It will supplement the change in rent payments, to an extent. To apply to the program, start by clicking the box below and filling out an application!


Phone: (775) 684-2940



Park Forms

In the State of Nevada, there are a multitude of forms and reports that are both useful and required in order to operate. Below, you can find most of these forms!


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Disaster Planning and Management

Hytropy Disaster Management has been working with manufactured home parks across the country, assisting with everything from the stereotypical tornado to situations as severe as Hurricane Katrina. They are an incredible resource to avoid the worst parts of an unforeseen crisis!


Phone: 1 (800) 914-7634


Website: reversedisaster/default

The Weatherization Project


A program sponsored by HELP of Southern Nevada, the Weatherization Project is a state-sponsored program to install updated heating and cooling systems that conserve energy AT NO COST. With hot summers and cold winters, taking a look at this program could make a world of difference!


Phone: (702) 369-4357



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